Hi, I’m Karen McGrane.

On a good day, I make the web more awesome. On a bad day, I just make it suck less.


Content in a Zombie Apocalypse
The Mobile Content Mandate
Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content
I Suck! And So Do You!
Drupalcon Keynote: Thriving in a World Of Change
IA Summit Closing Plenary 2013
Uncle Sam Wants You (To Optimize Your Content For Mobile)
Avoiding the 11th Hour Shitstorm
Designing For, With, and Around Advertising

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State of the Mobile Web
Mobile Content Strategy Link-o-Rama
Mobile > Local
In Defense of Lorem Ipsum
What I do matters. Yours is bullshit.
What is Interaction Design History?
Interaction Design History Sources

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Bond Art + Science, I offer strategic consulting services
Responsive Design Workshops, I give seminars with Ethan Marcotte
MFA Interaction Design at SVA, I teach Design Management